Townsourced at Minnedemo 23

It was an exciting, and nerve wracking night of demos and drinks at MinneDemo 23. We had the opportunity to present in front of a sold out crowd of over 1000 people at the beautiful Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis...

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Townsourced Launches!

Today Townsourced launches to the public. We've been in a private, friends and family beta for two months as we polished up the site for release, and today we put it front of the greater public for yet more feedback and polishing...

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Townsourced Chosen to Present at Minnedemo

We are honored and excited to be chosen to present Townsourced at MinneDemo 23! MinneDemo is for real, working technology products made in Minnesota. Demos are 7 minutes long and PowerPoint IS NOT ALLOWED. Some have described it as geek show and tell ...

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